Bunzl Distribution USA History of Growth


Bunzl acquires Kenco Sales, Inc., a regional redistribution company servicing the U.S. Northwest and Hawaii, and Saxton, Inc., a regional redistribution company servicing the U.S. West and Lower Midwest regions.

October 2001

Acquired Packers Engineering & Equipment Company, Inc.


Bunzl acquires Packers Engineering & Equipment, enhancing its position in the beef and pork processor industries.

Bunzl broadens its reach outside of the U.S. when it acquires Godin, a distributor based in Quebec, Canada, and Eastern Paper, a leading distributor to supermarkets, food processors and other distributors in the Canadian Atlantic market. These acquisitions extend the company’s geographic service coverage across Canada. Bunzl also purchases Melissa Sales Corp., a redistributor based in Puerto Rico, allowing the company to service customers throughout the Caribbean.

October 2001

Acquired Eastern Paper (Division of EPC Industries, Ltd.) (CAD)

August 2001

Acquired Melissa Sales Corporation

June 2001

Acquired Emballages Godin, C.D.R. (CAD)


Bunzl advances its position in the food processor and packer markets by acquiring Koch Supplies, one of the nation’s leading suppliers to the protein and food processing industries.

December 2000

Acquired Schrier Bros, Inc.

January 1997

Acquired Glenco Institutional Supply, Ltd. (CAD) and Merrill Enterprises Saskatoon Ltd. (CAD)


Bunzl purchases the Grocery Supply Systems (GSS) division and related U.S. grocery supply businesses of Unisource Worldwide, Inc. and the grocery supply business of International Paper’s xpedx division. The company becomes the largest distributor of disposable paper and plastic packaging supplies to the supermarket industry.

January 1997

Acquired Rap-Id Paper (CAD and Trimor Products Ltd (CAD).

July 1996

Acquired Shu-Shu Inc. (CAD), B.L. Tomalin Investments Limited (CAD), and Tryverse Products Limited (CAD).

April 1996

Acquired Jedco Paper Corporation

July 1994

Acquired Imperial Warehouse Service, Inc.


The acquisition of Marstan Industries of Philadelphia proves instrumental in establishing Bunzl’s presence in the foodservice industry. It paves the way for Bunzl to become an industry leader in the popular Home Meal Replacement (HMR) movement.

March 1994

Acquired The Ziff Comapny

April 1993

Acquired Grossman Paper Company

June 1992

Acquired Camelot Distributing


Bunzl acquires several significant U.S. regional competitors and expands into Canada and Mexico. Bunzl relocates its U.S. headquarters to St. Louis, Missouri.

February 1991

Acquired Y-Not Better Papers, Inc.

February 1990

Acquired Packaging Products Corporation of America

April 1989

Acquired Bennett Paper Company


The company achieves coast-to-coast status with the purchase of Papercraft, Inc., a major regional redistributor based in Santa Fe Springs, Calif., with branch operations throughout the state, as well as in Portland, Seattle, Salt Lake City and Phoenix.


Bunzl continues to acquire companies, firmly establishing its presence east of the Rocky Mountains.

September 1987

Acquired McDonough Company


Several additional acquisitions enhance Bunzl’s presence in the West.

May 1987

Acquired Colins Foodservice, Inc. and Corsaro Produce, Inc.

July 1986

Acquired G.B. Goldman Paper Company

August 1985

Acquired Manmouth Paper Company

April 1985

Acquired RE-AL Paper Company, Inc.

August 1984

Acquired Packaging Materials, Inc.

June 1984

Acquired Liberty Paper and Bag Company

May 1984

Acquired T.G.P. Company


Bunzl finalizes the purchase of St. Louis-based PCI/Mac Pak Group.

August 1983

Acquired Consolidated Packaging, Inc., Packaging Consultants, Inc., Supermarket Consultants, Inc., The Label Company, Inc., and Western Packaging, Inc.

October 1982

Acquired W.E. Buehler Paper Company

August 1982

Acquired Alliance Paper & Packaging Company, Inc.

January 1982

Acquired Palm Beach Paper, Inc.


The company acquires additional companies located in Florida, New York, Indiana, Ohio and Kentucky.

January 1982

Acquired E. Greene & Company, Inc.

April 1981

Acquired Market Distribution Services and Cast-Away Products


Bunzl plc enters the North American market by acquiring Jersey Paper, a distributor of disposable and coarse paper products based in South Brunswick, New Jersey. The company establishes its U.S. headquarters in Short Hills, New Jersey.