Our ambition is to lead the industry towards a sustainable approach to single-use plastics.


Bunzl brings innovative solutions and lower impact products to market to support our customers’ ambitions.


Bunzl is well placed to provide customers with trusted and objective advice on complex sustainability issues.


Our goal is to tackle sustainability issues such as securing better end of life options for plastic.


We’re a member of the FTSE4Good Index

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Bunzl demonstrates strong environmental, social and governance practices measured against globally recognized standards.

“We’ve continued to work with customers in our quest to be responsible suppliers of more sustainable disposable packaging and reduce their waste footprints while also expanding our range of alternative sustainable products.”

All our CR policies and relevant documents are available to download.


We’re pleased to report on the progress of our work and how we’re performing against our targets.


Further information on how our sustainability programs are managed.


Examples of how we engage with our customers to find sustainable solutions for the challenges they face.


Bunzl Sustainability

We know that our customers, suppliers and the societies in which our business operates around the world all want to find ways to protect our environment and to make better use of natural resources. As a leading distributor and not a manufacturer, Bunzl Distribution is not tied to any types of materials or products and we are therefore uniquely positioned to have a positive impact across the entire supply chain by having an objective overview of the best sustainability solutions for each customer.

When it comes to Sustainability, we’re committed to leading the way.

That’s why sustainability is core to how we do business and how we’ll grow in the future. It’s not because being green is fashionable – it’s because it makes the utmost business sense. From sourcing products in an ethical and responsible way, to consolidating them in an environmentally efficient operating model, our approach helps us to minimize risk while maximizing value.

Our goal is for Bunzl Distribution to be seen as a socially and environmentally responsible organization that inspires and implements solutions that protect the environment, while being commercially successful for our employees and shareholders.

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Why Plastic Matters Our ambition is to work with our customers and suppliers to lead the industry toward a sustainable approach to single-use plastics.

Sustainable Solutions We’re working in partnership with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders to provide sustainable solutions.

Expert Advice We’re well placed to provide customers with trusted advice on complex sustainability issues.

Sustainable Partnerships We want to develop partnerships with organizations looking for inventive ways to create a world where plastic waste is significantly reduced.