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Bunzl is the leading supplier of disposable paper and plastic packaging supplies to an array of businesses and industries including supermarkets (retailers, self-distributing chains and wholesalers), food processorsnon-food retailers and convenience stores.

Bunzl Distribution is based in St. Louis, Missouri. The phone number is (314) 997-5959.

Bunzl Distribution is the largest division of Bunzl plc, an international distribution and outsourcing Group headquartered in London. Bunzl has more than 100 warehouses in North America, serving all 50 states and Puerto Rico, as well as Canada, the Caribbean and parts of Mexico. With more than 6,500 employees, the company has worldwide sales in excess of $11 billion.

Bunzl revolutionized the industry by developing sophisticated marketing, procurement and logistics systems designed to lower the delivered cost of supplies. The company utilizes state-of-the-art Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmissions, customized order guides and choices of distribution systems. These abilities enable Bunzl to deliver state-of-the-art service in all of its markets.

Bunzl offers more than 400,000 SKUs—from basic tissue paper and plastic grocery bags to bakery boxes, deli trays, modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), produce packaging and the largest selection of hot, cold, dual-ovenable Home Meal Replacement (HMR) containers. Bunzl also distributes a wide range of packaging materials, as well as work and safety clothing to the meat and food processing industries and an array of cleaning and sanitation products.

Bunzl utilizes one uniform hardware and software platform to operate its business. Bunzl’s main data center resides at its corporate headquarters in St. Louis, Missouri, in a state-of-the-art facility including UPS, generator, dual A/C and redundant telecommunications.

In addition, Bunzl’s disaster recovery system is located in Chicago. All transactions from the production data center are immediately replicated to the hosting center in case of natural disaster. Each of Bunzl’s 100-plus locations is linked “real-time” to the corporate data center via the redundant telecommunications network.

Bunzl’s mission-critical “real-time” software system consists of Order Processing, Purchasing, Receiving, Billing, Sales, Warehousing, Distribution and Accounting modules. All Bunzl locations run the same software with a centralized database repository, which is maintained by the corporate IT staff, and is specifically customized to make the best use of Bunzl facilities and capabilities.

This setup allows individual Bunzl locations to interface directly with their local customers by having immediate access to all the necessary data to run that facility and help customers manage their businesses.

Bunzl Corporate has instant access to all the data for the entire corporation. The needs of both National Account customers and others who require reporting to headquarters can easily be met via this configuration. A significant amount of value-added services are provided by Bunzl to its customers via standardized reports, such as fill rates, sales tracking, item utilization, etc., as well as customized reporting and file downloads to meet specific needs that may arise.

Bunzl is very heavily involved with many formats of Electronic Interchange. Standard formats supported include ANSI X.12- and XML-based transaction sets. Many forms of proprietary file formats are utilized at the specific request of customers.

Bunzl also participates as a supplier in many of the current procurement sites. Bunzl offers its customers a full-function electronic catalog with product information, pricing, inventory availability, stored baskets and online ordering capabilities. Our goal is to always strive to conduct business with our customers electronically because it allows for faster processing of transaction, reduction in errors and increased service.

Bunzl also provides a comprehensive customer self service web portal for order status/tracking, inventory availability, A/R, pricing and user-directed sales analysis.

Bunzl relies on the use of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) transmissions to electronically exchange information both internally and externally with customers and suppliers, eliminating cumbersome paperwork. EDI transmissions are very effective in facilitating order placement, shipping and invoicing because they can significantly reduce errors and delays.

Bunzl offers three types of logistics systems including:

  • Cross Docking (XDS) – Individualized store-ready supplies
  • Warehouse Replenishment (WRP) – Delivery just-in-time to your warehouse
  • Direct Store Delivery (DSD) – Delivery direct to stores

Bunzl offers between 4,000-7,500 items needed to run today’s supermarkets including display pans, serving and food prep utensils, bakery supplies, salad bars and accessories, chafing dishes, produce merchandisers, menu boards, signage, can openers, cutlery, uniforms, gloves, mitts, aprons and much more.

Customers/vendors can inquire with:

Bunzl Distribution
Regional Human Resources Department
4240 Harvester Road, Unit 3, Burlington, ON L7L 0E8

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