Food Processor

Bunzl Processor’s coast-to-coast distribution network is uniquely positioned to be a single-source food processor provider. We provide personal protection equipment, employee apparel, material handling, janitorial/sanitation, cutlery, scales, thermometers, safety products, MRO parts and a wide assortment of food packaging products and equipment.

Our position in the food processor and packer industry was greatly enhanced with the acquisitions of Koch Supplies (2000), Packers Engineering & Equipment (2001) and Enterprise (2003). These acquisitions allowed us to combine and expand our product offerings and become a leader in the plant supplies and MRO market, and is now known as Bunzl Processor Division, LLC.

The Bunzl Processor Value Proposition

We don’t just offer a competitive case cost. We offer ways to make your business more profitable and give you added flexibility.

Iceberg infographic showing true case cost regarding grocery distribution