Bunzl’s primary systems reside in state-of-the-art data centers that are equipped with advanced security controls, UPS, generator, dual A/C and redundant telecommunications.

In addition, Bunzl’s primary and disaster recovery facilities are geographically separated.  All transactions from our production systems are immediately replicated to recovery facilities in case of a natural disaster. Each of Bunzl’s 100+ locations is linked “real-time” to the corporate data center via the redundant telecommunications network.

Our mission-critical, “real-time” software system consists of Order Processing, Purchasing, Receiving, Billing, Sales, Warehousing, Distribution and Accounting modules. All Bunzl locations run the same software with a centralized database repository, which is maintained by the corporate IT staff and is specifically customized to make the best use of Bunzl facilities and capabilities.

This setup allows individual Bunzl locations to interface directly with their local customers by having immediate access to all the necessary data to run that facility and help customers manage their businesses.

Bunzl Corporate has instant access to data for the entire corporation. This configuration allows the needs of both National Account customers and others who require reporting to headquarters to be easily met. A significant amount of value-added services are provided by Bunzl to its customers via standardized reports, such as fill rates, sales tracking, item utilization, etc., as well as customized reporting and file downloads to meet specific needs that may arise.