2021 National Sales Conference Vendor Follow-Up Survey 

Pre-Event Communication and Preparation: 

Did you find the Vendor Kick Off Calls useful?
Do you feel you had enough time to prepare and record your presentation?
Do you feel the support calls with Vfairs (virtual platform company) were helpful?
Were your questions answered in a timely fashion?

Virtual Platform 

Did you find the Booth Builder easy to use?
Did you find that uploading your documents & videos was easy to do?
Was registering yourself and your teammates simple and easy to complete?
Did you feel like you were given enough time prior to the live event to log onto the site and familiarize yourself with the different aspects of the site?

Bunzl Awards Ceremony 

Did you attend the Bunzl Awards Ceremony? If no, please skip to the Breakout Session Portion
If Yes, was the Awards Ceremony easy to find and log onto?
Did you enjoy the awards ceremony?
Did you join the live Q&A session after the Awards Ceremony session was complete?

Breakout Session 

Did you feel Bunzl attendees were engaged in your Q&A session?
Do you feel that the Bunzl attendees answered your polling questions, if applicable?
Overall, did your sessions start & end on time?
Did you encounter any technical difficulties during your breakout sessions?
If so, were they resolved in a timely fashion?

Sponsor Tradeshow 

Were you able to reconnect with Bunzl attendees during the specified Sponsor Tradeshow time?
Did you find the tradeshows beneficial?

Networking Lounge 

Were you able to connect with Bunzl attendees in the Networking Lounge?
Did you use the chat feature, video call or both?

Additional Comments

Thank you for your participation in our 2021 National Sales Conference and continued support. Your feedback is valuable in providing us with insight to making these events a success for everyone involved!
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