Bunzl R3 launches new brand Right Choice

Right Quality. Right Products. Right Value. Right Choice.

MORTON GROVE, Ill.Aug. 21, 2019  — Bunzl R3 announces the launch of their new brand, Right Choice, a comprehensive line of towel, tissue and napkin products priced right to make you more competitive in your marketplace.

Right Choice brand brings value-added product solutions to customers looking for the right products, quality and value. From hardwound roll towels –  popular in education, industrial and foodservice markets – to septic-safe bath tissue, Right Choice ensures that every product brings great value and performance. Products include beverage napkins, bath and facial tissue and c-fold, center-pull, hardwound (HRT), single-fold, multi-fold and kitchen roll towels.

Mike Bohannon, SVP of Strategic Sourcing for Bunzl R3 states, “The Right Choice brand has been designed to create a market competitive line of products that are relative to the needs of today’s marketplace. Right Choice brings you the right products, the right quality, the right value. The Right Choice.”

For more information, visit https://rightchoicebrand.com

Bunzl R3 delivers value-added distribution services to customers in the supermarket, food processor, retailer, c-store, safety, and agricultural industries, as well as other distributors. Right Choice is one of the private brands that Bunzl R3 has, along with the popular Prime Source brand.