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Branded Packaging and Visual Décor

Bunzl Retail provides 3D visual props, displays and branded packaging as part of a complete retail supply chain management program.

In today’s omni-channel retail environment, it’s essential to provide a consistent brand experience across all shopping touchpoints, and Bunzl Retail is here to help. The experts at Christine Taylor Collection and Keenpac have the experience and know-how to translate retailers’ creative visions into custom designs using a quick and efficient production process.

Christine Taylor Collection and Keenpac take a collaborative approach with retailers to help them reduce costs and provide a seamless brand experience wherever their customers shop. Whether a retailer needs window décor kits and shopping bags for their brick-and-mortar stores, or labor-saving ecommerce gift packaging for their online operations, they can get it all from Bunzl Retail.

Christine Taylor Collection and Keenpac have experience working with some of the largest specialty and dot-com retailers on the globe. With their worldwide sourcing capabilities and expansive distribution network, they can render, prototype, source, kit and deliver functional and efficient promotional products on a global scale, with exceptional speed and precision.

To learn more about the retail décor and packaging capabilities of Christine Taylor Collection and Keenpac, watch the featured videos or contact your local Bunzl Representative.

Keenpac from Bunzl Distribution NA on Vimeo.


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