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Material Consolidation

Bunzl Retail provides material consolidation services as part of a complete retail supply chain management program.

As retail specialists, Bunzl Retail understands the aggressive construction timelines and budgets retailers face in today’s competitive market. To help streamline projects and reduce costs, Bunzl Retail Material Consolidation Services (MCS) partners with retailers to manage the supply of fixtures and signage for new stores, remodels and promotions.

Bunzl Retail MCS deconsolidates, consolidates, stocks, sorts, stages and distributes fixtures and signage for more than 1,000 store openings and remodels annually. This comprehensive process is highly efficient and cost effective due to Bunzl Retail’s national scale, best-in-class logistics platform and deep experience managing store supply programs.

Every construction project begins with a clear understanding of the material requirements and critical installation milestones for each store. Bunzl Retail MCS schedules, coordinates and tracks the flow of materials from source to store using sophisticated project management systems.

These advanced systems guide a fulfillment process that guarantees just-in-time delivery for immediate installation at 99.9% fill rates. This unsurpassed level of service eliminates the frustration and cost overruns caused by lost or damaged goods, expedited freight and store construction delays.

As projects progress, real-time status reports give customers peace of mind that their materials will arrive on schedule. When construction plans change or emergencies occur, Bunzl Retail MCS project managers are available around the clock to ensure a smooth process.

Bunzl Retail MCS takes pride in delivering the kind of exceptional customer service that enables retailers to open stores faster and complete remodels ahead of schedule. With results like this, retailers are able to achieve better financial performance while they provide an enhanced experience for their customers.

Bunzl Retail MCS services include:

  • Supplier management for end-to-end process
  • Forecasting to ensure proper inventory levels
  • Inventory management of high-velocity store fixtures
  • Deconsolidation and stocking of inbound containers
  • Department sorting, staging and delivery at the unit level
  • Special labeling and kitting services for domestic and imported products
  • Special pallet configurations
  • In-store scanning solution to track inbound pallets
  • Sequenced trailer loading for efficient unloading at job sites
  • Consolidated deliveries to reduce LTL and parcel freight costs
  • Increased supply chain visibility through real-time reporting
  • Customized online catalog for store orders
  • Fixture recycling and refurbishing

To learn more about Bunzl Retail Material Consolidation Services, watch this featured video or contact your local Bunzl Representative.


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