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Food Processor Overview

Bunzl Distribution is a leader in the food processing and food packaging industries offering value-added products, programs and services that help our customers achieve their business goals. Our coast-to-coast distribution network is uniquely positioned to be a single-source provider of personal protection equipment, employee apparel, material handling, janitorial/sanitation, cutlery, scales, thermometers, safety products, MRO parts and a wide assortment of food packaging products and equipment.

Our position in the food processor and packer industry was greatly enhanced with the acquisitions of Koch Supplies (2000), Packers Engineering & Equipment (2001) and Enterprise (2003). These acquisitions allowed us to combine and expand our product offerings and become a leader in the plant supplies and MRO market, and is now known as Bunzl Processor Division, LLC (

In 2010, we began acquiring companies that have greatly expanded the products and solutions we can offer fruit and vegetable growers, shippers, repackers and other food suppliers. The first acquisition was Cool Pak LLC (, a California-based distributor of stock and custom-designed pulp and plastic containers.

To further extend our agriculture market solutions, in 2011 we acquired Network Paper and Packaging Ltd., or Netpak, ( and Marpak Packaging Systems, or Marpak ( Based in the Vancouver, British Columbia area, these related companies specialize in packaging solutions for berry and other growers in Canada and the United States. These companies, coupled with Cool Pak, significantly increased our scope of our rigid packaging offering.

In 2012, we purchased Destiny Packaging (, a leading distributor of flexible packaging supplies to fruit and vegetable growers throughout California and Arizona. In 2017, we acquired Packaging Film Sales (PFS) and ML Kishigo. PFS supplies food packaging products including flexible barrier films and specialty bags and pouches to food processors. ML Kishigo is a safety business specializing in high visibility clothing and other safety related workwear.

As the industry continues to experience consolidation and competitive pressures, we have brought a wealth of management, marketing, warehousing and market distribution expertise to the food processor industry. No one can match our breadth of product line, national service capability and consistency.

The Bunzl Processor Value Proposition

  • We don't just offer a competitive case cost.
  • We offer ways to make your business more profitable and give you added flexibility.

BUNZL Processor Value Proposition

Food Processor Customer Types
  • Fresh-cut and re-pack produce operations
  • Beef and pork slaughter plants
  • Poultry processing plants
  • Further processing protein operations
  • Candy and confectionary businesses
  • Bakery and ingredient plants
  • Seafood processing operations
  • Central processing, cooking and baking commissaries
  • Dairy and beverage plants
  • Deer and wild game processing facilities
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