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Reducing Landfill Waste

Increasing Recycling to Reduce Landfill Waste

Bunzl is focused on strengthening recycling practices at our facilities and our vendors and customers.

Reducing waste is accomplished through a comprehensive program being instituted at our locations to recycle plastic, cardboard, aluminum cans and paper. Additionally, our e-warehouse system eliminates paper documents in many warehouse functions.

Bunzl is also working with our suppliers to eliminate unnecessary transit packaging and to utilize reusable packaging. We're assisting our customers with logistics studies to streamline the supply chain and helping them find innovative ways of improving environmental performance, including reviewing the feasibility of developing a 'closed loop recycling solution.'

Together, Bunzl, our suppliers and our customers are improving the environment at every stage in the distribution process.

Bunzl's Green Initiatives
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By working closely with our vendors, Bunzl connects you to one of the widest array of green products in the industry. Open our green catalog, and you’ll discover a complete line of biodegradable, recyclable and other green products that fit your budget and your own green initiatives.