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Operating to Reduce Our Environmental Impact

Awareness of the environment and considering how to reduce Bunzl Distribution’s impact on it is not new for Bunzl, nor is it a passing phase. Our environmental programs have been in place for more than six years, and we continually review and seek to improve our performance in this area.

At Bunzl, we focus on sourcing and finding the packaging alternatives our customers need to support their green efforts. Whether it’s foodservice packaging or green chemicals that have less of an environmental impact, Bunzl is your source.

These products fall into three major categories:

  1. Products that are recyclable.
  2. Products that are from manufacturers utilizing sustainable production practices.
  3. Products that are certified "green."

Corporately, we are focusing on three areas to affect the environment in a positive way:

Working with our customers and vendors to reduce our mutual impact on the environment is an important Bunzl business goal. Collectively we can build a more sustainable future.

Bunzl's Green Initiatives
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By working closely with our vendors, Bunzl connects you to one of the widest array of green products in the industry. Open our green catalog, and you’ll discover a complete line of biodegradable, recyclable and other green products that fit your budget and your own green initiatives.