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Bunzl News

Date Headline

7/24/2014 FoodHandler Inc. Launches Enhanced Website
12/2/2013 Bunzl Distribution Receives St. Louis Regional Chamber Arcus Award
11/6/2013 Bunzl plc Acquires Wesclean Equipment & Cleaning Supplies Ltd.
10/24/2013 Bunzl Processor Division Earns 16th Spirit of Excellence Award from Hormel Foods
10/23/2013 Bunzl plc Acquires ProEpta
9/30/2013 Bunzl Distribution Introduces Prime Source™ Cooking Sprays, New Aerosols Look
9/11/2013 Bunzl Distribution Expands Green Source™ Towel and Tissue Line
7/30/2013 Bunzl Distribution Teams Deliver Aid for Storm Victims
7/30/2013 Bunzl Distribution Announces Six 2013 Scholarship Recipients
7/30/2013 Bunzl Distribution Names its 2012 Warehouse Managers of the Year
5/7/2013 Bunzl plc Acquires Schwarz Supply Source
5/6/2013 Bunzl Distribution Recognizes Its 2012 General Managers/Branches of the Year
5/6/2013 National Association of Wholesaler-Distributors (NAW) Members Elect Bunzl Distribution President and CEO Pat Larmon to Lead Board of Directors
5/6/2013 Bunzl Distribution Recognizes its 2012 Top Gun Sales Professional
5/6/2013 Bunzl Distribution Selects Pactiv as its 2012 Supplier of the Year
5/6/2013 Bunzl Distribution 5K Fun Run/Walk Raises More Than $54,000 for Walter Reed Society, Wounded Veterans
5/6/2013 Bunzl Distribution Honors Its 2012 Sales Managers of the Year
1/15/2013 Bunzl plc Acquires Destiny Packaging Inc.
12/31/2012 Bunzl plc Acquires McCordick Glove & Safety, Inc.